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Penn State Funding

Penn State, Pitt and two other state-related Universities might be getting an increase in their funding soon.

Zac Kaye shares how it might impact the University Zac?

Nicole, legislation has passed through the House of Representatives that would give Penn state 259 million dollars.

While this may sound like a lot, it is still less than the University was receiving 13 years ago in 2010.

Penn State board of trustees member Barry Fenchak talked about how tuition at Penn State is nearly double some of the other schools in the Big Ten.

Tuition has gone up every year since 2019 but an amendment to the bill passed by the House on Tuesday would freeze tuition rates for the next two years.

According to Penn State this would result in a loss of 54 million dollars.

The proposed plan would be the first increase in funding for Penn State since 2019.

Fenchak says that the University is grateful for the money that they get from the state.

He also says that one of the main issues is affordable, And he believes that more funding would only help to fix this problem.

“I find it hard to believe that there aren’t dollars out there that could be better distributed, better vectored over to Penn state and Pitt and temple and Lincoln and the other state universities as well. so as a state i’d like to see us emphasize that more.”

The bill now has to pass through the Senate which returns to session on November 13th.

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