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Penn State Players Ready For The Peach Bowl

Penn State football is just two days away from playing in the Peach Bowl.

The Nittany Lions have been in Atlanta all week as they prepare for Saturday’s matchup.

While the game has yet to be played, Penn State and Ole Miss have already been competing, taking part in several bowl week kickoff competitions and games.

The two teams also had a chance to visit the College Football Hall of Fame, where Penn State has about two dozen of their former players and athletes on display for their achievements.

Anthony Poindexter, who will serve as the co-defensive coordinator on Saturday, is one of the Nittany Lions honored in Atlanta for his playing career.

“It was special because I got to go with our team and I don’t know if they really thought I could play or not, since I really don’t tell them.”

But with the game inching closer, the team is starting to focus more on the X’s and O’s of the game.

All week, Penn State players have heard the noise about the battle fans look forward to.

“It’s Penn State defense versus Ole Miss offense, so I feel like when that’s been hyped up so much, you got to give the fans what they want.”

On Wednesday night, Adisa Isaac announced that he’ll head to the draft, becoming another player saying goodbye to Happy Valley.

D’von Ellies, another member of the departing senior class, remarked on how special it is to play in the Peach Bowl for his grand finale.

“Twenty or thirty years down the road, you’re going to look back and you’re going to look back at the moments with your teammates and you’re going to wish you kind of appreciated it more in the moment, that’s what Coach Franklin says.”


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