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Pennsylvania State Championship Tournament of the Bands

The 1st ever Pennsylvania State Championship Tournament of the Bands was held on Saturday in Altoona.

Twenty three bands took part in the competition from across the state and competed in several divisions for 1st place with Indiana University of Pennsylvania showcasing a guest performance.

Organizers of the event wanted to create a competition that bands didn’t have to travel quite as far to and one that all could compete in despite competitive status. They also highlight the significance that marching bands have for students.

“This is incredibly unique because everyone participates all the time, No one sits on the bench. Everyone is utilized and no one’s replaceable. We can’t just go down the line and pick out an understudy. Everyone is on deck 100% of the time. So, it’s life changing, everyone is useful and everyone is benefiting, and everyone needs each other. It’s definitely a chain.”

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