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Pennsylvania Wine Industry Best In The Country

Pennsylvania’s wine industry is among the best in the country and continues to increase its economic impact.

That’s one of the messages coming from a statewide conference of industry experts at Penn State this week.

Those who enjoy wine already know that in Pennsylvania, its popularity is growing.

“Today was really great. We unveiled our 2023 economic impact study, and the Pennsylvania industry now contributes one point eight billion dollars, up from one point four billion, to the Commonwealth.”

Pennsylvania’s wine culture is historic as it was among the first wine producing states in the nation with William Penn’s vineyard, near Philadelphia, in the 1680’s.

340 years later, the industry even survived, well thrived, the pandemic.

“COVID was an anomaly in the alcohol industry. Everybody drank during the pandemic. So, we saw our sales go through the roof, as I’m sure many other wineries did.”

The winery business can be risky, as all kinds of variables can impact the bottom-line.

“You can’t make good wine from bad grapes. The reality is, as you start out, you’re looking at three to four years before you see a grape.”

Industry experts visited Penn State this week, where marketing and other issues were discussed, along with the latest research.

“We are listed in the PA Department of Ag as a commodity group. We fund research as well, in both the growing of grapes and the making of wine. Penn State has come leaps and bounds in terms of their support to the wine and group team, in the school of Ag, Department of Food Science, and plant science.”

In Pennsylvania, there’s now more than 300 wineries, covering over 14 thousand acres, and annually producing more than two million gallons of wine.

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