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Pixie Dust Wishes

Despite chilly rainy weather, the Pixie Dust Wishes organization was on hand to present awards to the three latest recipients.

Jaimie Miller, Pixie Dust Wishes president and executive director, said, “Wish numbers fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen are Tim Wolf, Chris Wolf and Rachel Wolf.” The three are members of the same family. “

“The Wolf family is from Centre County, Cindy Wolf (mother) has been a continuous support and advocate for others with special needs, so granting this wish to someone who does so much for others was extra special.” Cindy’s husband passed away many years ago and he was left to raise her children on her own.

The three have multiple disabilities.

Tim has Asperger’s syndrome, bipolar disorder and ADHD, and Chris has autism, microcephaly and intellectual disability. Rachel has microcephaly, intellectual disability and in addition, has chronic vomiting syndrome, which prevented her from attending the presentation on Saturday. Nevertheless, her brothers accepted the award for her.

Miller told about the excitement that Cindy experienced in learning about the presentation. Cindy kept saying she was in shock; Miller related during the announcement of the trip that the family is planning for in 2022.

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