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Possible Pa Food Shortage

It’s an idea that’s hard to believe, especially here in Pennsylvania where we grow and process so many food items, but there are concerns for global markets of a food shortage in the coming months.

For farmers specifically, they have had to deal with less-than-ideal conditions in recent months.

Inflation has caused some farmers to cut back seed purchases and crop treatment programs, and the increase in gas prices for their machinery, as well as the ongoing supply chain issues and weather-related issues have all played a role.

“There are clearly pockets of pain across the state. We’ve seen it this year. Mainly more than others, because of some of climate related issues, the flood issues and Ukraine situation. I think the sensitivity on the front side of the production year, with extremely high costs and how the markets will respond. I look at all of that, that is all true.”

Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding remains optimistic that here in Pennsylvania, one of the nation’s top food producers, a food shortage isn’t a major concern yet.

And we are not talking about food insecurity, where those in need struggle to provide meals for their families.

This is projections of an overall drop in the amount of food goods produced.

Redding says with the war in Ukraine, there could be an impact in global markets.

“I don’t see a domestic food supply concern. I see a global supply issue with what’s happening in Ukraine, particularly in Russia.”

Pennsylvania is a national leader in food processing companies, with more than 2,300 statewide.

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