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Proposed Richland Twp. Asphalt Plant

When driving down Eisenhower Boulevard in Richland Township, you may have seen signs reading “asphalt plant” with a line drawn through it.

Richland Township resident Joseph Green says that’s because his fellow neighbors are upset about a proposed asphalt plant coming to the area.

Green says the plant operated by Quaker Sales would be built less than two miles away from their neighborhood homes.

“In this radius, there’s over 1,600 homes and countless businesses,”

Quaker Sales officials say they’ve been exploring a multi-million-dollar investment to construct an asphalt plant off of Mine 37 Road.

Green says they would be fine with the plant coming to Richland Township, but not in the location they’re planning for.

“I would like to see Richland Township, landowners in Richland, and business people in Richland come together and find a spot for this asphalt plant,”

“Quaker Sales Corporation is a 4th generation family-owned business serving the Greater Johnstown area since 1929.
For over a year, we have been exploring a multi-million-dollar investment to construct a new, modern, state of the art asphalt plant at a location off Mine 37 Road in Richland
Township. This is an important step for our company and its employees, many of whom live in Johnstown and the surrounding area. Asphalt plants are well regulated by
governmental environmental agencies and operate safely in hundreds of communities across Pennsylvania. We believe this facility can operate harmoniously with similar
activities in the vicinity and would be an asset to Richland Township and the Greater Johnstown area. We are taking steps to gain the necessary approvals through Richland
Township and other government entities, and we look forward to continuing this process,”

“It would be great for Richland township. It won’t be great for where they’re planning on putting it,”

Green says the area is too residential for an asphalt plant, which encompasses homes, businesses, and even schools.

He’s concerned about population, traffic, noise, and a decrease in property value.

“There’s got to be a place in Richland Township for this asphalt plant. In the middle of a residential area is not the place. I think we can find a place for them to have a home here in Richland Township,”


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