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PSU Spring Transition

At Penn State, it’s Spring Graduation Weekend.

It’s also the time for another transition in the University President’s Office.

Gary Sinderson has our report from University Park.

With incoming Penn State President, Neeli Bendapudi looking on, the University’s 18th President, Eric Barron, officially said goodbye Friday at the University Board of Trustees meeting.

Barron reviewed University accomplishments during his tenure, including the recently concluded, long term fund-raising campaign that raised more than $2.1 Billion dollars for Penn State.

Barron said during one of the campaign years more than a million dollars a day was received.

Barron was honored with Emeritus status, along with a Penn State Medal, and a Downtown State College Building, which now house’s one of the University’s Economic Development Programs was named in his honor.

Barron’s last day as Penn State President is Sunday.

When she was named the new President last December, Bendapudi talked about looking forward to a new challenge.

“I look forward to meeting the community members and alumni, these thoughts will be critical as we work together to shape the future of Penn State”

Barron joked he parked his University issued vehicle illegally before the meeting.

That way he said, if its towed, the University will get it back two days early.

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