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PUC Energy Help

It happens every winter: the temperature outside goes down and the price of heating bills goes up.

But what happens if you’re struggling to pay those bills, especially during a time of rising inflation?

Officials with the Public Utility Commission (PUC) say options are available to help those struggling financially with the rising costs.

“Our focus is making sure we keep Pennsylvania’s households warm and safe this winter,”

At a conference last month, PUC officials urged the community to explore options that can help them with their winter energy bills before the snow arrived.

“We all have the same message and the same goal: we want households, struggling households, to enroll in these programs now before winter gets here,”

As of Tuesday’s heavy snowfall, the winter season is here with temperatures dropping into the 30s and snow already piling up.

“As we approach the winter heating season, now is the time for consumers to consider ways to improve energy efficiency and conservation around their home or business, and #CallUtilitiesNow to explore utility assistance programs and discuss other ways to manage bills and stay connected,”

PUC officials published an article this week reminding community members that it’s not too late to apply for help.

“I want to be certain that struggling families are connected to a variety of other affordability options to them,”

PUC officials say to “call your utilities now,” whether it be electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, or telecommunications.

You can ask for information on consumer assistance programs that might be available if you’re eligible.

“Direct conversations between customers and utilities are the best first step for any household or business struggling with utility bills,”

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