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Republican Governor Race

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lou Barletta voted this morning with his wife Mary Grace Barletta at the Southside Fire Station in Hazleton.

Sarah Goolden caught up with him there to see how he’s feeling going into election day.

“Today, I feel great. I mean, it’s one year today since I announced. I feel like I’ve run the campaign that I wanted to; i’ve got to meet so many people. I think our message has resonated. We’ve been at the top of the polls from the very first day till Today.”

Former Congressman and Mayor of Hazleton, Lou Barletta says he feels confident heading into election day.

“I’m someone you know, you know, I you know, who I am, you know what I’ll do you know what my record is.”

The GOP Gubernatorial Candidate is currently running against 6 other candidates, after others recently dropped out to offer him their endorsements.

“It was really reassuring that at the end of this whole long, hard-fought campaign with so many candidates that so many people have really coalesced around my campaign, realizing that I would give the republicans the best chance of winning in November. And, you know, that’s because of the campaign that we ran and the message that that was heard.”

Another front runner in the race, State Senator Doug Mastriano received the coveted endorsement of former President Donald Trump over the weekend. The winner of the primary will face unopposed Democratic Candidate Attorney General Josh Shapiro in the General Election.

“You know, it’s not so much winning the primary. That’s our goal for Republicans, it’s important that we win the General Election. And regardless of who you might have supported, I give us the best chance of beating Josh Shapiro in November and that will be a different Pennsylvania.”

Nine names appear on the ballot for the GOP Gubernatorial Election Today, however two of the candidates, Melissa Hart and Jake Corman have dropped out to support Barletta.

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