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Richland Twp. Asphalt Plant Update

The proposal of an asphalt plant in Richland Township concerns many residents living near the site.

Quaker sales corporation wants to build the plant that has residents fighting back.

The accusations of the sign removal have prompted the A.C.L.U to get involved. The organization even sending a letter to the township saying it violates the rights of residents to protest.

The proposal of this plant has been talked about for months now.

When you drive around the area near Mine 37 Road and Eisenhower Boulevard, signs against the plant dart the landscape.

But, according to one resident, there used to be more.

Richland Township Resident Joseph Green told us, “The township took upon themselves to send one of their road crew people out and take the signs out of peoples yards.”

The A.C.L.U says this behavior from the township is illegal and breaks many laws including trespassing onto private property.

Green shares, “its my understanding that the Richland Township got a letter from the A.C.L.U telling them they need to stop this behavior.”

The A.C.L.U staff attorney of Pennsylvania spoke about this issue.

The letter is posted on Facebook by a group of residents opposed to the plant. It says residents complained to the civil rights defense organization and it was told they had to have a permit to display signs.

An A.C.L.U spokesman says that township ordinance is unconstitutional.

“The township is not allowed to regulate signs based on their content. So, you know they can’t treat a for sale sign differently from any other sign for example.”

Township Supervisor Bryan Beppler said he couldn’t comment and that their solicitor should have a response in the next week or two.

But for residents, they say they will continue to fight.

Green says, “Its within a quarter to a half mile of residential districts. Prevailing winds would blow all the smell, smoke, soot, pollutants, V.O.C’s right into the neighborhoods.”

The next meeting about the proposed plant is scheduled August 11th.

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