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Saint Francis Student Protest

Students and staff of Saint Francis University gathered on campus Tuesday to raise awareness about sexual assault.

This comes just days after police said two Saint Francis University football players were accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a Loretto Borough home last year.

We were at the student led demonstration at Saint Francis University and although students expressed many emotions as they discussed the topic of sexual assault, it remained peaceful.

Just after noon Tuesday, students and staff of Saint Francis University gathered at the center of campus.

“We believe to give voice to that topic and to really to raise awareness and get conversation going here at the university,”

“Ever since the news broke last week,” he and other school officials have been reflecting and meeting with different student organization leaders after sexual assault allegations surfaced last week against two students: Marcel Mami and Daunte White, according to police.

“We want our students to know what’s going on, to educate themselves because obviously this is about safety and security and this is a safe place and want to keep it a safe place,”

However, at the demonstration many students shared how they don’t necessarily feel safe on campus and that more needs to be done.

“Hopefully they see that the students are standing up and we are here to speak,”

Edwards says the student led protest was formed within a few days.

“We are standing for the sexual assault on campus. For the administration, they need to do something better for their female students on campus, They need to put better security for the females on campus. Not necessarily escorting them back to their dorms but making sure they feel safe.”

“We will be here, even in the two-degree weather to stand up for what’s right.”

The President of Saint Francis University says they coincidentally just received a forty thousand dollar grant from the state of Pennsylvania for education around sexual violence prevention and he looks forward to meet with more student organization leaders about this issue.


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