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School Threat Update

Several local schools have been dealing with threats of violence in recent weeks.

If it seems like there have been a lot of threats being investigated against local schools, you’re not alone, data show that investigations are way up.

The Educators’ School Safety Network, which tracks school threats nationwide, reports they’ve seen a nearly six-fold increase in school threats in the past four years.

In recent weeks in local school districts like Greater Johnstown and Westmont Hilltop threat investigations have led to arrests, while others reported at other Cambria County schools, Richland and Forest Hills were deemed to be unfounded.

“This is treated very similarly and with the urgency that a homicide investigation has. To a certain extent there is some copycat involved but you have to investigate everyone like it’s a serious threat. We believe children need to be aware there are severe consequences for this kind of activity.”

Local schools that have been dealing with this say they’ve been stepping up uniformed security in light of their threat cases.

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