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Teen Suicide Concerns

A troubling new statistic was released by the CDC Yesterday about teen suicide.

They say that 1 in 3 high school girls have seriously considered taking their own life.

Stoker Wieczorek shares what local experts had to say about these statistics in our area. Stoker?

Counselors say to talk with somebody you trust if you’re having thoughts of hurting yourself.

They add that keeping close social connections is vital when dealing with the circumstances.

“Being this is what we do day to day, we have seen a significant increase in that statistic for teenage girls.”

The CDC says suicidal thoughts are more prevalent in adolescents. Specifically one third of high school age girls in the country are reported to have seriously considered attempting suicide.

Experts like Tracy Selak of Cambria County Behavioral Health say that the dynamic of social interaction has vastly changed because of social media. She notes the lack of face to face interaction, and how this affects our brains on a deeper level. Noting that it can make things seem worse than what they really are.

She also addresses what she says may prevent someone including males from speaking up.

“The reality is, I think there is still a certain stigma associated to mental illness. And so if a male reaches out for help, and says I’m struggling, there’s almost a stigma or buck up.”

Multiple options were presented by Forest Hills school counselor Traci Hirsth, she explained that resources are coming to more rural areas, in order to address these problems.

“No matter what age, it’s a learning process. And they have to learn that mindfulness. They have to learn what they want, and what they don’t want. I guess it’s a big part of growing up. That’s why we try, and help them through that.”

Some things suggested by hirsth include getting involved with activities in your school or area but she says that you shouldn’t have to go outside of your comfort zone to get the treatment you need.

Administrator Tracy Selak also notes the National Crisis Hotline. The number for it is 988.

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