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September 11th Generational Gap

People fought through the rain Sunday to make it to Shanksville for the 21st anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks. It’s been almost a whole generation since the attacks happened.

Sunday, they shifted their perspective toward the next generation.

On a cool gloomy Sunday unlike the sunny vibrant day where the world changed, 21 years ag thousands once again came to the Flight 93 National Memorial to pay tribute to the men and women who fought back and won, over the skies of Western Pennsylvania.

We were at the ceremony in Shanksville on Sunday morning, where their sacrifice was remembered.

“You can’t help but be affected, even 21 years later, It is definitely something you need to share down the generations.”

She has been a United Airlines flight attendant for 36 years and is based out of Newark, where United Flight 93 took off on that fateful Tuesday.

“Just like any other significant event, Pearl Harbor, you know, these are, these are his historic, you know, tragic times and telling them over and over to the next generations just reinforces what a great country we are and, and how much resilience we have.”

She was one of those who joined First Lady Jill Biden as one of the wreaths was laid at the site where Flight 93 went down 21 years ago on Sunday.

“As someone who doesn’t personally remember it, I try to make a point of talking about it.”

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