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Shapiro and Fetterman Visit Penn State

Democratic Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman began speaking at Penn State University making a final push to get out their bases of support.

After Fetterman’s debate last week against Republican Doctor Mehmet Oz, Monmouth University reported that the Lieutenant Governor maintains a small but shrinking lead over OZ with 48 percent of respondents saying they’d definitely or probably vote for Fetterman and 44 percent saying the same about OZ.

Over the past few months OZ has inched closer to Fetterman with a number of voters politicians and journalists raising more questions about Fetterman’s ability to serve after suffering a stroke in May.

Meanwhile State Attorney General Shapiro has held a sizable lead over Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano.

A Muhlenberg College/Morning Consult poll shows Shapiro with 54 percent and Mastriano with 40.

But how will Democrats convince more conservative and swing voters in our area?

“We can convince voters by showing up by having a conversation, by listening to them and letting them know we’ll be on the ground fighting for them Today and after this election so that’s exactly what we’re doing here in
Centre County”

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