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Shoup’s Road Shooting Death

One person was shot and killed over the weekend following a reported burglary in Bedford County. That’s according to Pennsylvania State Police. We went to the scene on Monday. Here’s what Authorities are saying about the incident so far.

Troopers say the incident happened along Shoup’s Branch Road in Liberty Township, which is just steps away from Tussey Mountain School District. They’re still investigating to find out what happened. Troopers say they responded to a reported home invasion and assault — around 3:15 early Saturday morning. They say the original 911 call was disconnected, but then was later reestablished.

Police say the 72-year-old Homeowner told them that gunshots were fired. That’s according to a State Police Report. Police say the intruder — 22-year-old Dakota Hall — was shot by the Homeowner and was pronounced dead at the scene. They say the Homeowner was injured in the assault and was taken to UPMC Bedford for treatment. No further details on the burglary have been made available as the investigation continues by State Police.

We reached out to Bedford County District Attorney Lesley Childers-Potts, who wrote to us in a statement: “Although I will not comment on an open investigation, I am willing to provide the following information concerning the Castle Doctrine in Pennsylvania.” SHE GOES ON TO SAY: “Pennsylvania has a Stand Your Ground Law, which is a version of what is commonly called the Castle Doctrine. The law allows a person to use force when they are in their own home. There is no duty to retreat while inside your own home so long as you are not the initial aggressor. It requires a reasonable belief that the force is necessary to protect yourself.”

Again, the investigation is still underway, but as of this evening, no word on whether charges will be filed.

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