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Somerset Firemans Convention

The Fireman’s convention hosted by the Somerset Volunteer Fire Department. There were a number of festivities, including a parade through Somerset Borough.

The Somerset Fire Department highlights the need for fundraising events such as these in order to provide the lifesaving services that are essential to the community.

“Though You know, the community has always been great support to us. You know, we just have purchased 20 sets of fire here and those 20 sets, of fire gear is costing us $75,000. And next year we have got to update our air packs. And with the amount of air packs and the equipment that we do maintain to provide a service to the community, we have to spend about $240,000 on those air packs. So every bit that we can do and these fundraisers are greatly going to help our proceeds from the convention go toward the Somerset Volunteer Fire Department.”

All proceeds go to the Somerset Volunteer Fire Company


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