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St. Marks Pet Food Pantry

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church held its monthly pet food pantry today to help the local community feed their furry loved ones.

Amid rising costs and national shortages of pet food, volunteers at the church continue to aid low-income families and help them provide for their animals.

The number of families in need grows every year and now the church is giving out pet food to over 100 families each month.

Reverend Nancy Threadgill , priest-in-charge at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, highlights the role that pets play within a family.

“Pets are so much a part of the family, and truthfully that’s why we do it,” said Threadgill. “It is so that people can continue to feed their pets. They don’t have to give them up, they can keep them as part of their family, and if you’ve ever had a pet, you know how important they are to you. So, that’s what we try to do, to make sure we can keep families together.”

To donate to St. Mark’s pet food pantry visit their website or physically drop off donations at their location. The most needed items are always dog and cat food but specifically medium-sized dog kibble and canned wet food. The pantry also appreciates donations of various types of treats for your four-legged friends to enjoy.

For future events involving the pet food pantry follow the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Facebook page.

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