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State College Sinkhole Update

We now go to an update to the story of a sinkhole in Centre County.

It displaced at least 18 people Christmas Night.

To recap residents of the Patton Township townhomes the sinkhole affected told us at an early January homeowners association meeting that they themselves had to conduct and pay for structural assessment studies of their properties.

Let’s go to Douglas Braff who has the details about this update. Doug what can you tell us?

At this point much of the sinkhole’s been patched up.

However an email from the Georgetown Park community homeowners association forwarded to us recently saying it’s paying for a geotechnical survey. But there are some caveats.

According to an email the GPCA sent out January 20th that a person who wished to remain unnamed passed along to us the executive board approved a proposal from converse consultants to conduct a
geotechnical subsurface study of the entire GCPA including all common areas.

The email says the study was set to begin January 24th followed by drilling on February 14th and that unit owners of testing locations will be contacted directly prior to start.

It adds that the study’s cost will be considered a capital project and covered by the existing funds in the association’s reserve.

The email says Centre region code has stated that this study will comply with the subsurface study requirement of each individual unit owner’s evaluation of the townhouse bearing on competent soils capable of supporting
applied loads.

They note that this study does not address individual dwelling structures individual unit owner are responsible for the structural engineering studies.

Someone whose family the sinkhole impacted confirming this update. The person saying they’re still awaiting the results of the geotechnical firm’s assessment.

From a conversation they say they had with the Centre region code director the person adds that the director will receive a copy of the study and then reach out to each owner to schedule an in-person walkthrough of each property.

The person continuing that the walkthroughs will help determine if a given property needs a structural engineering survey among other things. The person says the director will then determine if the given properties are adequate for occupancy.

Meanwhile water authority executive director Brian Heiser telling me the installation of a new water line should be completed by early next week. He says this water line will run along the same path as the old water line. He adds that restorations to the pavement will follow.

Centre region code did not return our request for comment. The owner of the hoa paradigm properties declined to comment.

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