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State Election Results Delay

State election leaders warning again that results next week will not come as quickly as we used to get in the past.

That’s because of the state’s mail-in voting laws creating the inability to pre-canvass, or inspect, mail-in and absentee ballots until Election Day.

There have been attempts to change it since 2020, where it took several days for clear winners to emerge, have been bogged down in politics.

Meaning we are all going to simply have to wait.

“The bottom line is that election results will take several. That simply means election officials are hard at work, doing their jobs, and following the process to ensure all votes are counted…They deserve our patience and support to their jobs and that requires giving them to the time they need to do a thorough count.”

The state says more than 1.4 Million mail-in votes have been requested, down from the more than 3 Million requested for the 2020 election.

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