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Summer Job Help

Jennifer Tiffany, from the Cambria Regional Chamber of Commerce says an expected influx of new workers can help offset the widespread staffing hurdles. “I think if you just look around, there are a lot of opportunities. The employee candidates mostly young high school students, who are looking to get a financial head start this summer.”

Tiffany also mentions service hours which she says colleges look for. She says a part of what she does is to help connect people to organizations who are looking for volunteers.

Business owners and commerce experts say they’re excited to offer summer jobs to young people willing to work. They say these jobs are a great way to introduce young minds into the workforce. Administrators at the Giant Eagle supermarket chain say there are already 30 positions open across the Johnstown area alone. They say more are vacant in neighboring counties.

“Our job can be a breakoff point towards a bigger retail shop or opening up your own culinary business as far as food. There are definitely different avenues that you can go down in the food industry.”

Employers shared advice saying they are encouraging new and applying workers to always ask questions and communicate concerns, even on the simplest of things. They also say they’re offering support for those who apply at certain times. This includes financial assistance for postsecondary education. That’s according to local McDonald’s owner and operator, John Coyle.

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