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Sunday Cambria City Markets

The Sunday Market in Cambria City returned once again Sunday morning despite recent incidents of gun violence in the neighborhood.

This week’s deadly shooting in the area of Broad Street and 6th Ave. did not deter residents from coming out and enjoying a day filled with food, vendors and community engagement.

Visitors were able to walk around and pick out their favorite artisan breads, farm fresh produce and even handmade goods while chatting with their fellow neighbors.

Organizers of the market emphasize the importance that a sense of community has on the development of a neighborhood and how that can combat rising violence.

“I do think that when you have things and you include people, it’s more inclusive,” said Chad Pysher, the co-owner of Stella Property Development and Event Production. “You welcome people and that does show a bond, and a strength among people and that is not only a welcoming aspect but it also shows that we’re all in this together.”

In reaction to the recent incident, Pysher further emphasizes the strength of Cambria City.

“I think when those kinds of things happen, it’s always devastating but it also brings out a lot of goodness in people too and it really was just another showing of that’s just how strong this neighborhood is,”

If you were unable to attend Sunday’s market the next one will be held the last weekend of October.

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