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The Zone with Referee Rich

FOX 8 and ABC 23 announced Thursday a new partnership with Altoona Area High School to produce a weekly Sports Show. We have a look behind the scenes of what’s to come.

Caleb Fries, a Junior at Altoona High in the Broadcasting Program saying: “I am super super excited, I have always loved broadcasting from when I was really little.” FOX8/ABC23 Station Manager Jim Pastore saying: “It’s premiere day, so I think everyone is excited.”

The set is electric with energy. This partnership gives Altoona Students a chance to be part of a broadcast show. Douglas Sipes, Broadcasting Coordinator at the High School saying: “This is a great opportunity for the kids to get some real world experience in broadcasting and get to work on a great show. With a lot of good people from FOX 8 and ABC 23 and we’re really excited about it.” Fries adding: “It’s really cool to work with the FOX team to learn from the professionals and to get this cool experience you wouldn’t get anywhere else.”

The Students will provide segments for the show during the week, they’ll record on Wednesdays, and then air their show Friday nights — starting this Friday — right after the FOX 8 news at 10. Sipes adding: “We decided to do this sports show and everything just clicked. And we’ve been in here during the summer and doing some practice sessions and things.” “The Zone With Referee Rich” starts this Friday at 10:35pm on fox 8. Andrew Neely, Head Principal of Altoona Area High School saying: “It’s an amazing opportunity, can’t be more excited to have something like this for our students.”

Again, the Students’ Sports Show, “The Zone with Referee Rich” — starts this Friday at 10:35 over on our sister station, FOX 8.

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