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Ukraine Humanitarian Trip

A Hollsopple native recently returned home from a humanitarian trip to her second home of Ukraine looking for she recently spoke with her and tells us about her experience.

Lenny Hostettler of whole sample moved to Ukraine in 2017 to play for the Leviv National Philharmonic Orchestra, and she moved back home earlier this year in the midst of Russia’s attacks.

Lenny and her friend brought nine suitcases worth of medical supplies, military equipment and other necessities directly to Ukraine on a ten day

humanitarian trip to the devastated country. Lenny says since there is some corruption with organizations and people intercepting donations at the border.

So, she says when donating, make sure that it’s going to someone who is going over there directly to make sure that your donations get into the right hands.

“Unless you’re personally delivering it to people that you know, there’s really you can’t really trust just sending it because you never know. And we are all saying there has to be an easier way to get this there. But. After I was in Ukraine, I realized there’s really not.”


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