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Geisinger Has First Case of Monkeypox

In other health related headlines. Concerns increasing about Monkeypox is the Geisinger Health System this week confirming its first cases.

Doctors telling us that more awareness about the virus is good, but there’s no reason to panic. I think those are going on with other health care providers and medical clinics.

“Yeah, you know, obviously, yes. Another outbreak. But yeah, a lot of questions about Monkeypox and just trying to reassure the community as best we can.”

Reassuring primarily means providing the latest information that the virus is rarely deadly and primarily spreads through skin to skin contact.

In Pennsylvania, over 100 Monkeypox cases now diagnosed. That number has multiplied quickly in recent weeks. Centre County administrators telling us they’re keeping tabs on state health department guidelines similar to the early news about COVID.

“There wasn’t any direct outreach until there was a case confirmed in Centre County. And then it really started. And then again, this is over two years ago. Hopefully it’s not the same. Hopefully it’s a different trajectory by any stretch.” Doctors add for the most part, it’s too early to think about a Monkeypox vaccination.

“We don’t think at this point that’s indicated, you know, we’ll wait for the CDC guidance, but I think it’s a rare sort of issue. I think there are some people that are being vaccinated, but they meet certain criteria.”

So the CDC will give us more guidance for that as they go on. The World Health Organization has declared Monkeypox a global health emergency.


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