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UPJ Drone Program

A drone program at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, is gaining momentum, according to faculty and students. Roughly a dozen are enrolled in the expanding course. In it, instructors say people can learn the fundamental, and legal, aspects of using unmanned aerial systems (UAS’s).

“In marketing, drones have been immensely useful in the promotion of travel, or real estate, and all kinds of other crazy applications of that technology. I saw it as an essential component that would be great to offer here, at this campus.”

Some more applications, that administrators say can be used with drones for other industries, include lidar and infrared sensors for rescue missions and agriculture. Video sensors, Glenn says, would be used for physical measurements.

“Marketing agencies. Something that they’re looking for now is somebody that can fly drones, to create content for websites, social media, anything like that.”

Sendek and Glenn say that this course will ultimately prepare students, to pass an FAA required exam, to use drones commercially. Having taken it myself, it is hard and will further reinforce your knowledge of safety, in the skies.

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