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UPMC Altoona Hiring Event

Last fall and winter, UPMC Altoona nurses and other healthcare workers voiced their frustrations on their critical need for more staff.

Now about a year later that staffing crisis still exists with hospital administrations still working to find a solution.

“If we were fully staffed, we could definitely put all of our efforts back into making sure that our patients are cared for and their needs are met.”

“Now that the tables are turning and folks are looking to get back into the work force now is a great time to get out to the community and let them know that we’re recruiting,” Greene told 6 News.

In the nursing industry alone, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts almost 200,000 openings each year until 2030.

Officials at UPMC say they need to fill spots in nursing, housekeeping, patient transport, dietary, and other important roles.

“We are always looking for talent to join our facilities. We’re always recruiting for those positions. Now that we’re in the post pandemic phase, we’re always seeking candidates to join,”

On-the-spot computer assistance, job applications, and even interviews will be available.

“Now is the opportune time to focus on the local talent to get them back into the workforce to get them back on their feet and join the UPMC family,”


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