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Video Evidence Entered in Rape Case

Could Video Evidence play a key role in the case of a Centre County man accused of raping and sexually assaulting 6 women? A Court Ruling acknowledges there is at least one videotape being entered as evidence.

Kevin Mullen was first arrested last November. Police say Mullen met the six women he assaulted online and all of the assaults occurred at his home over a period of nine years, dating back to 2012. The latest Court Filing in Mullen’s case references a videotape of sexual acts concerning the allegations, without providing any other details. The Judge’s Order stipulates that only one copy of the tape can be made for Mullen’s Defense, and also includes other restrictions on the use of the video.

Police say the women accusing Mullen had similar stories, with one saying she used a butter knife to escape a bedroom he locked her in. Three of the women told Police that he bragged about raping several women. Mullen was arrested after one woman filed a report last year, and then five others came forward.

No trial date has been set in Mullen’s case. He remains jailed in the Centre County Prison.

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