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Warning Signs That You May Be Drinking Too Much

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During the pandemic, alcohol consumption rose by 14% among adults over 30, and for women, the numbers are even higher. There’s been a 41% increase in heavy drinking days among women since the onset of the pandemic. Licensed therapist, Christy Beck, talks about the problem.

Warning Signs That You May Be Drinking Too Much

  • People close to you have commented about your excess drinking
  • You’re spending more money on alcohol than you have in the past
  • You’re prioritizing drinking over previously enjoyable or important activities
  • You need to drink more to achieve the same effect
  • You are suffering from withdrawal symptoms

Rewiring Alcohol Habits

  • Create an earlier bedtime
  • Replacing alcohol with other fun beverages
  • Alcohol-free socializing
  • Saving drinking for certain special days each week
  • Using therapy, counseling or motivational apps

Visit the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for helpful information and a list of resources.

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