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Welcome Johnstown Event

Vitriol has been aimed at immigrants and refugees in the Johnstown area in light of stories we have done looking into a civic group’s plan to attract them to the region. Some in the city felt the negativity and nastiness that the stories brought out cast a bad light on the many immigrants who already made Johnstown their home and the positive impacts they have on the community.

The first ever “Welcoming Johnstown” event was held at the State Theater in Johnstown to celebrate the immigrants who call Johnstown home. Performing at the event were two graduates of Richland High School. They are a pair of friends who bonded over their Indian descent. They started choreographing as young kids, and found that dance is a way to combine their two worlds, finding community in each other. They performed a Bollywood-style routine at the first ever Welcoming Johnstown event where immigrants share their experiences, music, food, and culture.

Event Organizer Laura Huchel saying: “It really seemed like an opportune moment to show the immigrants who are already living and working in Johnstown that we see you, you’re here, and we’re excited that you are a part of our community, and we want to know what your experience has been like.”

The girls perform at events all around the Johnstown area, showcasing their culture and being proud of it.

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