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West Banch School District Mourning Loss Of Teen

The West Branch Area School District is mourning the loss of high school student Asher Deets, who was killed in a house fire in Morrisdale early Monday morning.

Officials say the fire started around 3 a.m. and the house on Morrisdale Allport Highway was “completely destroyed” by the blaze.

A GoFundMe was created Tuesday in his memory.

Deets is described by the school district as someone who was known for his smile and positive attitude.

The principal of West Branch high school, Brandy O’Hare, says that Deets would light up any room he walked in.

She also says he had his eyes set on the future and wanted to join the military after graduation.

“Asher was a leader and students definitely did kind of follow his lead, he had a very impactful personality and kids were like magnets to him. He was growing here and adapting here and overall making a difference in his own life and in others.”

The school district says it’s taking money and clothing donations for the family, and will have counseling services available for students and staff.

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