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Will Supply Chain Issues Affect Hunting Season

Inflation has been causing supply chain issues for some time, but how will it affect this hunting season?

Gun shops locally and across PA are struggling to maintain some products favored by hunters.

Officials at one Johnstown gun store say they are struggling to keep some types of ammo on the shelves.

Jake Ammon, the C.O.O. of Sporting Goods Discounters says, “It’s definitely night and day difference from last year, but it’s still difficult.”

Ammon adds that inflation has been hurting the business since last year.

“Last season it was pretty crazy. I had people spending almost triple the amount of money on like 30-30 for example or .243. Recently, things still are a little higher, but they’re not getting marked up significantly or anything.”

Inflation is impacting, “stuff people actually want to use to hunt with is the hardest stuff to keep in right now and to get, period.”

Ammon says he’s especially surprised about a shortage of “shotgun ammo in particular. That’s one thing I never pictured in my life being hard to get. It’s like .410 ammo does not exist. We’re lucky to have a couple boxes here once in a while.”

Still, Ammon says hunting supplies should be more readily available than last year.

“Yeah I think we’ll be okay this year for the majority of the season.”

The first day of the regular firearm season for deer is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

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