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Wrong Address deliveries

Delivery workers say they’re thinking twice before entering someone else’s property. They explain the precautions they are taking to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Local pizza managers told me off-camera, because most of their delivery drivers are under the age of 18, they make sure to keep deliveries local and to avoid certain neighborhoods. The manager says they encourage employees to leave the area, if at any time they feel unsafe.

Centre county district attorney Bernie Cantorna says that the only time one can use deadly force is when “it is reasonably necessary to protect themselves from death, serious bodily injury, or forcible rape.” “Any of the circumstances you described don’t come close to that standard. So you don’t get to use that deadly force, unless you are at risk of being killed or seriously injured. It’s really plain and simple. So someone coming to someone’s door, the wrong door, is not reasonable for your life. So you’re not privileged to use deadly force, and you’ve committed multiple crimes.”

Cambria county district attorney, Greg Neugebauer also weighed in on this issue. He says the approach to solving these cases is no different than others that come through his office. “Somebody making a mistake and knocking on the wrong door. Again, it’s impossible to make blanketed statements like that. However you got to look at each case. You got to look at the facts and circumstances.”

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