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Bellefonte Man In Police Custody

We begin with a 20 year old Bellefonte man in police custody Tonight after trying to strangle his own sister

Reporter Zac Kaye joins us live and has more on what the defendant said to officers following his arrest on Friday Night

20 Year old D’Andre McCaslin told Bellefonte Police Officers that the Devil made him try to kill his sister in order to make a sacrifice for his family for all of the bad decisions he had made in his life.

He’s currently being held here at the Centre County Correctional Facility, and Bellefonte Police say that if they didn’t arrive to the scene when they did, things could’ve ended a lot worse.

According to the criminal complaint, the incident happened right around Nine o’clock on Friday Night. It says that two officers were dispatched to the scene on Beaver Farm Lane, which is located right behind Bellefonte Area High School.

Officers say they heard yelling and thrashing from inside the residence, and when they entered they found 20 year old D’Andre McCaslin downstairs, and the victim hysterically crying upstairs. They say the victim’s face was purple, and there were numerous rash marks on her neck.

The criminal complaint also states that the mother of the defendant says he was acting abnormal earlier that day, including making quote weird statements about the Devil.

Neighbors tell me that this is not the McCaslin they know and that he had previously been very protective of both his mom and sister.

The criminal complaint says that the defendant did admit to smoking marijuana earlier that day, but told officers that didn’t contribute to his behavior on Friday Night.

McCaslin is being charged with three felonies, including attempted murder, and three misdemeanors. He was unable to post bail which was set at $115,000 dollars.


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