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Beaver Stadium Renovation Cost Concerns

We have the latest now on the recently approved $700 million dollar price tag to renovate Penn State’s Beaver Stadium.

The project is still a hot topic of discussion with questions about the financing involved.

We’ll say up front Penn State has stressed they’re planning on the stadium renovation to be paid through the Athletic Department revenue. At this point no tuition or education budget money will be used or state funding.

But we recently asked two State Lawmakers, whose home offices are near the stadium, with the stadium being a major tourism and economic generator for Pennsylvania.

And the projected $700 million dollar cost, their thoughts on a State funding grant for the renovation project

“I’m not very excited about that in all honesty. I think that’s a tremendous expenditure when the previous six month were hearing about them reducing their workforce. talked about some type of downsizing at the branch campuses. frankly enrollment at colleges overall are changing. I like sports as much as anyone else. But I do believe thats a significant amount of money”

Penn State’s Athletic Department budget is independent, separate from the University’s general operating budget

“As far as I know the athletics budget is separate entity. There’s been no requests to my knowledge. I cant imagine supporting something like that if it came in”

But at a time when college athletics is changing and Penn State is making cutbacks elsewhere, the stadium renovation price raising questions about University priorities.

“I want to be a premier, number one college University with a good football team. not a football team with a University”

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