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Brady Township Juvenile Shooting Update

State police are providing new details about Sunday’s shooting in Brady Township, Clearfield County, that involved two juveniles.

According to the affidavit, police say the teenager charged in the shooting, 14-year-old Aaron Klingensmith, reportedly asked the victim if she wanted to see his dad’s gun.

Investigators say Klingensmith then admitted to pickup up the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm handgun and pointing it at the victim.

Troopers say Klingensmith then reportedly asked the victim if she thought the gun was “loaded or unloaded.”

When the victim responded, authorities say Klingensmith reportedly pulled the trigger, striking the victim in the head.

Police say the victim, who has not been identified, was transported to the hospital.

Investigators say she was declared dead on Wednesday at UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Upon further investigation, troopers say they spoke with Klingensmith’s father, who stated that the handgun was reportedly kept in a case, at the top of his gun cabinet.

Police say he also told troopers that he was unaware that his son knew that the gun was there.

Investigators say the father also stated that he kept his loaded magazines separate from his weapons and claimed that Klingensmith would have had to “chamber a round” into the gun prior to the shooting.

Authorities noted that Klingensmith allegedly had a knowledge of firearms and firearms safety.

Officials ruled the victim’s death as a homicide, and Klingensmith has been charged, as an adult, with third-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.

According to authorities, he is being transferred from the Clearfield County Prison to the Central Counties Youth Detention Center in Bellefonte.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 10th.

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