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Cambria County Court Gun Auction

The courts of Cambria County organized their first-ever gun auction which is taking place right now.

Dozens of people are gathering at the Cambria County Fairgrounds in Ebensburg for the chance to purchase firearms that were once confiscated by police.

President Judge Krumenacker says over the years hundreds of confiscated firearms have been piling up in the courthouse and they’re ready to make some room.

Buyers must be 18 to buy long guns and 21 for handguns which are being auctioned off both in-person and online.

For this family it’s a unique situation.

“We’re here because we had some guns that were confiscated a number of years back and he wants to come and get them back. They’re for her. They’re family heirlooms.”

The net proceeds will go into the County Treasury and will be used to grant police officers something on their wish list.

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