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Cambria County Winter Weather Update

And our Stoker Wieczorek spent most of the day out in the elements across parts of Cambria County.

He spoke with people impacted by the weather stoker what were you seeing and hearing out there Today?

Locals say the weather really slowed down their travel plans Today.

Most of the snow for this area hit after sunrise.

And what I am seeing now is a lot of salt on the roads soaking up the remaining snow on the ground.

There were also a few abandoned vehicles I passed on us route 22 near Dishong Mountain road. There was nobody in the cars when I checked to see if they were okay.

Some locals tell me that they would rather not plow their driveways as they believe this can make it more slippery when walking.

Some of them say this storm doesn’t feel as cold as ones we have had before but the amount of snow and type of precipitation is what workers are saying is the biggest issue.

I spoke to a worker who says he’s been spreading salt on the roads since 7 o’clock in the morning..

“I’m salting. I’m salting right now. But I will be shoveling here again in a minute. Take it easy. Take it easy. The state police, you know, are always cautioning drivers, so be cautious.”

And while driving, I did happen to see a few vehicles slide off the road. Fortunately those people did not crash. Another reminder to drive extra careful in this weather.

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