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Centre County Winter Weather Update

Centre County receiving this winter weather a bit later than some other areas in our region.

Douglas bBraff spoke with the State College Public Works Department and has the rundown on the latest conditions.

It goes without saying that the roads are quite slick with a number of reports about crashes and fender benders. Though that appears to be calming down now.

Many people had the day off from work and so did Penn State Students. Throughout State College you could see students sledding and tossing snowballs.

“I’m student teaching this semester, so it’s nice to have a day off of school, too.”

“Probably just clearing the snow and hanging out with my roommates and yeah. Just hang out and catch up on some work.”

Earlier Today Penndot placed restrictions on a number of major routes urging people to avoid unnecessary travel. This included dropping the speed limit on I-99 to 45 miles per hour.

Just after two o’clock the agency lifted that restriction and others on I-99.

As far as outages in this neck of the woods West-Penn Power is not reporting any outages for its Centre County customers right now.

West-Penn also reporting zero in Blair, Jefferson and Elk Counties with fewer than 5 in Clearfield county.

However the weather hasn’t ground all business to a halt. I spoke with one food delivery driver who says he’s still making the rounds.

The Assistant Director for Public Works in State College told me earlier he expected plows to clear the major routes no later than 5 o’clock.

He reminds folks if they can to remove their vehicles off the streets so that plows can more easily clear the roads.

“Probably the biggest help was the cancellations. A lot of the businesses and schools kept a lot of the traffic off the roads and, you know, allowed our crews to be able to do their jobs more efficiently.”

“We understand people need to get places and we try to accommodate with that, with our crews the best we can, but just ask for their patience.”

He also reminds those in State College Borough that sidewalks need to be cleared within 24 hours of the snowfall ending.

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