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Seatbelts Save Lives

The deadly crash last week on State Route 56, is raising eyebrows of PennDOT officials. State Police say the two people who were killed last week were not wearing seatbelts.

PennDOT official Monica Owens says that those people could still be alive if they were wearing a seatbelt.

A seatbelt increases you chances of surviving a car accident, up to 60%, says Owens. She also tells me that you are 25 times more likely to get killed in a crash if not wearing a seatbelt.

Experts state that an airbag is only designed to work with a belt, and that it can be the thing that takes your life, if using it alone.

“Putting a sticky note by your wheel”

Officials tell me that if you are traveling at 30 miles per hour and hit a stationary object big enough.

The force applied to your body is around 3 and a half tons.

That is the same weight as a full grown elephant, running into you.


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