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Cambria County’s First 2023 Baby

We want to start you off with some good news tonight.

As the calendar turns to a New Year we got the chance to meet the first baby born in Cambria County in 2023.

This is Kassian McBreen.

He was expected to arrive into the world on January 17th but his parents say there were some concerns about his size.

The couple checked into Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center on December 29th but was delivered by c-section at 4:25 early yesterday morning.

He weighed five pounds six ounces, And is 19 and a half inches long.

“He’s doing great. He’s been doing great. He eats well. he sleeps well. I know he’s not fully awake yet, you know what I mean, but so far he’s a great baby. He hardly fusses at all. and when he does fuss, it’s super easy, There’s four things they need, so he’s easy to figure out.”

This is the first child for the Westmont couple.

They are expected to go home tomorrow.

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