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Centre County Ballots

Despite Jake Corman’s last minute exit from the Governor’s race county election officials telling us it won’t make a difference in voting procedures for Tuesday’s Spring Primary Election.

Gary Sinderson reports.

In his hometown Bellefonte where five Pennsylvania Governors have either lived or worked Jake Corman’s decision to drop his bid to become the sixth Governor from Bellefonte comes on the same day where election officials were doing
state mandated, public testing of county voting machines

“Voters need to know as long as they see the thank you for voting screen and the public ouR increase, know your ballot has been counted”

Corman’s name still on the GOP Primary ballot

“We already went through the process of getting our ballots printed, so anyone who has voted for him through mail in, or on election day, it will still be counted”

Some voters have already voted for Corman in Centre County alone, over 10 thousand mail ballots for the Spring Primary

“We have about 11 thousand mail ins that have been requested, with sic thousand returned”

A reminder, Election Day is next Tuesday, May 17th. The polls open at 7 in the morning.

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