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Centre County Bridge Work Struggles

There’s been increasing attention in recent years on fixing bridges that are badly in need of Reconstruction Work. However, finding the funding remains a major challenge, even when it comes to smaller spans in more rural areas.

In Centre County, there are 55 Local Bridges from 8-20ft. in length, and even getting them inspected on a regular basis isn’t always done. Anne Messner of the Centre County Planning Office saying: “We do know some Municipalities regularly inspect bridges, but others don’t have the financial means to do it.”

In 2017, Centre County added a $5 Registration Fee on vehicles owned by County Residents, known as “a Fee for Local Use.” It generates about $600,000 a year. Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins saying: “So the Fee for Local Use has no administrative fees. Every dollar goes to pulling down Millions of Dollars of State and Federal Funding.” Its money that’s gone to various, smaller bridge upgrades in Centre County, especially in Rural Municipalities where paying the repair bills on their own is nearly impossible. Many of those bridges are vital links, shortening travel distances for everyday motorists along with School Buses and Emergency Vehicles. Now, like many other projects Nationwide, Bridge Work slowed by Supply Chain issues for construction materials.

Centre County also uses a Naturals Gas Drilling Fee and other funding for Bridge Construction Work.

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