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Centre County CATA Changes

We have the latest now on the upcoming changes for mass transit in the Bellefonte area.

Centre County Government Administrators tell us they’re continuing to keep an eye on the situation.

The Centre Area Transportation Authority announced earlier this year, they can’t continue to maintain the current service levels to Bellefonte, along with Benner and Spring Townships without a substantial boost in municipal funding. CATA says its losing money,and so far the municipalities have said they cant afford to cover the funding shortfalls. CATA plans to launch a new service, this summer, the b line that will differ from the current CATA Go service,in the number of trips and cost per trip.

Centre County Government receives funding for public transit,and operates its own separate service:

“The county does receive partial state funding to provide transportation to anybody,anywhere in the county,sixty or older. we also receive partial state funding to transport individuals fifty nine and younger
who meet certain qualifications such as disabilities”

The Commissioners previously said they’re waiting to see if there’s any new agreements between the municipalities and CATA on the service issues before deciding whether the county may provide more funding

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