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Updated Penndot Road Closures

We begin tonight with several roads in the area being closed after damages caused by recent heavy rainfall.

We’re learning more information on construction work that’s being done on those roads as local business owners say they’re feeling the impact of the closures.

Reporter Brock Owens is learning a timeline of when the work is expected to be complete by Penndot on three state routes.

Route 53 is currently closed around Portage but work is starting there today and is expected to be finishing up in just a few weeks.

“With the customer base that I have from Lilly, Cassandra, Cresson, and Hollidaysburg, they don’t want to travel down that road or take the long way around, so they just don’t come anymore, so that’s a big cut into our sales.
Yeah, it’s a big deal here in the small town of Portage.”

An official with Penndot Jay Knarr is saying they’re looking to fix damages on Route 53 by stabilizing the slope and placing rocks beside the road which will take about three weeks.

Damages also caused on a hillside beside Menoher Boulevard with the early April rainfall causing a landslide right at the edge of the road.

Right now the closest lane to that hillside remains closed and one lane of traffic is open each way.

Knarr says it will stay that way until construction finishes which they’re aiming for July.

It’s not certain when that work will start but officials say they did already test the ground to see how stable it is and help determine what they will have to do.

While those two work sites unexpectedly came after damages from the rain. Tire Hill Road. Or Route 403. Already was set for construction from June until September according to Penndot.

It says that’s still when work is planned to be done. Just the road closure and setup of a detour was done before expected in this case

“Penndot understands that construction season and often emergency repairs that include detours are very inconvenient. Our primary concern is safety, safety of the public, and therefore we ask for patience and understanding that we’re working as quickly, as efficiently,
and as safely as we can to reopen these routes.”

He adds that funds should not cause issues with any of these projects being done.

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