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Centre County Courthose Construction Project

One of Centre County’s best known and most historic structures is expected to be the site of an upcoming construction project that could have far reaching implications.

At the Centre County Courthouse, the courthouse itself is structurally stable, but on each side of the courthouse, retaining walls, each at least one-hundred-years-old, are crumbling and falling apart.

“They need to be redone. This is going to be a major project, and major disruption to our court system. We’re looking at all the options right now.”

The county has contractors assessing the walls. What’s behind them, if there’s more support structure is among the unknowns.

Could the walls be reinforced, or will they require an entire rebuilding?

“Parking considerations, traffic flow, disruptions to the courts; These are all things that will have to be considered as part of the project. So, the logistics surrounding the project will be equal to the actual work that needs to be performed.”

County officials say work on at least one of the retaining walls along East High Street will have to be done this year.

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