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Clearfield County Animal Abuse Cases

2 Cases of animal cruelty in Clearfield County are about to enter the prelimary hearing phase .

Stoker Wieczorek has been following these cases and joins us live with the updates.

Police say that dog was exposed to the elements for 64 hours. Meanwhile, law enforcement tells me these preliminaries are set to start next month.

State Police say that James Faller and Jamey Williams bound a dog to a post for a couple of days in freezing temperatures. The formal arraignment is happening on February 1st.

Meanwhile the dog affected is doing well and will be in court when the hearing takes place. I tried to obtain a photo of the canine but law enforcement tells me that they can not disclose evidence of the case until afterwards.

Anna Houston and Thomas Rowles of Hyde are also facing a Clearfield judge on the same day. Police say that they had roughly 62 cats at the house when 36 of them were found outside, deceased in boxes.

The Clearfield County SPCA tells me that these felines did not receive the vet care they needed. Ome cats that were still alive had to be euthanized afterwards, due to the severity of the illness.

Investigators are reportedly conducting forensic testing in search of more evidence on conditions.

An official with the SPCA told me earlier this month she found this case disturbing.

“We’ve had a lot of animal cruelty situations in Clearfield County. I’m not sure why there’s a spike. I don’t know what’s going on, but the cat case was very horrific.”

“We believe that it could be something preventable. These cats died from a preventable disease, and if they would have had the vet care they needed, this wouldn’t have happened.”

SPCA officers say 3 of the younger cats rescued, have since been adopted to new homes.

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