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Harrisburg Gridlock

Since they were sworn in to office earlier this month, State House Representatives have done virtually nothing in Harrisburg as they remain stuck in a political gridlock.

As Gary Sinderson reports one of the area’s Representatives says it’s become more drama than legislation and its time for a change.

Lets review Pennsylvania State House Representatives were sworn in on January 3rd. Representative Mark Rozzi, a Democrat, is elected Speaker Of The House.

It comes after some Republicans say he received their support in a compromise deal where Rozzi promised to switch his party affiliation to Independent.

But so far he hasn’t switched his party’s affiliation. GOP members complaining, and there’s Partisan disagreement over how to proceed Leaving the house at a standstill

“You don’t say I’m a legislator I have work to do. this is where you cut backroom deals. then the backroom deal to deceive the other side,you got deceived. so your mad the deception you created didn’t come through”

Democratic Representative Scott Conklin isn’t just aiming his frustration at Republicans, with the house producing no new legislation since January 3rd, no committee meetings

In fact when they meet again in Harrisburg is unknown Conklin feels the current chaos- highlights the need for reform

“It’s both sides. you cant run government like this.its national, state, even your local supervisors are doing this. this should be about public service. not making backroom deals and then complaining when they don’t work out.
this should be about public service. we need to get back to that”

The house speaker meanwhile is launching a statewide listening tour on how to resolve the current gridlock.

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