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Centre County Health Department Plans Cancelled

Centre County Government Administrators now say they’re no longer interested in the idea of establishing a Countywide Health Department. The County was looking at working with State College Borough in the feasibility of establishing whats known as an Act 315, County Health Department. On Tuesday, the County Commissioners announce they’re letting the Borough know they’ve decided against the idea.

The concept gained attention during the pandemic. Would a County Health Department provide better local authority, along with having increased access to specific community resources required — rather than working through the State Health Department? But Centre County Administrators say the projected costs involved are ruling out a Health Department project for now.

Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins saying: “The possibility of State Grants covering a significant fraction of the costs appears to be not very likely. There was misconception on the Board that there was the possibility of providing direct medical care to citizens of Centre County, especially in our rural areas. That also appears not to be covered by a Health Department of this type.”

Currently, there are at least seven County, and four Municipal, Independent Health Departments in Pennsylvania.

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